30 years of experience in the jewelry industry

For 30 years and now in the second generation, we offer high-quality jewelery on 100 square meters in our store in the center of Konstanz.

It has long been our dream to expand the assortment in our store with our own jewelery collection. With the idea of a change ring, this dream began to become reality. And with the partnership with Swarovski®, we were able to win the missing component in 2017.

All our experience and passion have gone into this project and we are happy to offer you the Clix Swarovski® cubic zirconia interchangeable ring.

Our quality promise

Clix is made in Germany. We attach great importance to the fact that our ring captivates not only with elegance but also with quality.

That is why we are particularly proud to be one of the selected partners of Swarovski®. The quality and charisma of the Swarovski® stones refines the simple elegance of the Clix ring.

The combination creates a valuable jewelry that is unique in the fashion world so far.

With each Clix ring we deliver five original Swarovski® zirconia stones in the colors blue, red, green, transparent and orange.